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Bugs Bunny faces the scary duo, Brian and Neil together. You have to feel sorry for the Bunny don't you?

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The entrance to Loony Tunes Land at Warner Bros Movie World

The Wild Bunch - Warner Bros newest ride. Find out what it's like to free fall from 60 metres!  Brian Nero was tasked with trying out the Tower. He did it twice! A man with nerves of steel...  The Wild Bunch Free Fall tower in action. "Anybody going up?"

"They're all quackers!"

Jamie Gordon chilling in the sunshine...  Breakfast Man Neil Carter with Jade and Tamsin Pearce @ Warner Bros Movie World  BFBS Engineer Mark Kittan caught mid-shot...

The Eraser at Warner Bros Movie World

The 1st team of volunteers getting in on the fun...  Neil Knowles looking dangerous with a Tennis Ball!  The Winners collect their prize...

Big sarnies @ Subway. What a coincidence Neil and Brian found this place straight away...  Brian Nero interviewing BFBS Assistant Ellie Trevitt and a Teddy Bear!

Neil Carter couldn't resist meeting his idol Bugs Bunny..."What's up Doc?"


 Neil and Brian with the Manager of Warner Bros Movie World Tim Ruedy  BFBS' Jill Misson catches sight of her new company car in Loony Tunes Land  Brian Nero with more willing volunteers...

  Brian and Jill find a new career..."20 litres of unleaded or Diesel guv?"  Tom & Jerry's Mouse in the House @ Warner Bros Movie World  Isn't it rude to point? Neil, Brian and Crew at Warner Bros.