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Bielefeld's Theatre 39 'Arabian Knights' cast members...

Venue:Catterick Hall,

Catterick Barracks


Performances took place on...

Thursday 23rd (7.30pm),

Friday 24th (7.30pm)

 Saturday 25th (2.30pm & 7.30pm) January 2003

& Thursday 6th February 2003 (7.30pm)


Anybody fancy a camel ride?  Tickets were only : 6 Euro (Adults) 3 Euro (Children)  Anybody fancy a camel ride?

Neil Carter (yes it's me!) as the Genie [For the performances, I was bald with a ponytail and painted green! Pics to follow soon hopefully of what I actually looked like. Very silly actually!]


Thanks to the following for selling tickets:


The Herford, Sennelager & Bielefeld Hives,

Tubbies (the YWCA shop next to the library) on Hammersmith Barracks Herford,

The Herford Herald Office (next to the SSO's office) on Hammersmith Barracks, Herford,

The BFBS studio in Sennelager

and all cast members.

e-mail me...

phone 05221 98340




I'm a lean green fighting machine !!!


BFBS's Chris Pearson as "Dame Dallop" & Daniella Sutherland as "Tommy"...  Every panto needs a baddy. Pete Loader as the Evil Saladin...  Hero Hasan the Bandit (Elaine Bannister) with Daniella Sutherland...

   The Evil Saladin and Yasmin with humble servants Oshgosh & Babu  Barbara painting her turnips!

Daniella Sutherland takes the stage as Thomasina "Tommy"...  Lighting jock Manfred hiding in the sound booth...  BFBS's Chris Pearson secretly enjoys dressing up, especially in stockings and suspenders...

Wielding his large chopper, Robert as Evil Saladin's aide Onion BhajiOshgosh & Baboo (Sandi Kreuse & Jim Sutherland) doing the Bartman !


 Pictures kindly taken by Dawn Travers (The Bielefeld Buzz)